Emma T.

“We have had the pleasure of being patients of Dr. Seth Osterman’s since 2008. Both my daughters owe their beautiful smiles to his expert orthodontic work. Throughout the last 8 years, my daughters and I have always been treated with the utmost care and professionalism by Dr. Osterman and his staff. Whether we were there for a routine wire change or an unexpected broken bracket, everyone was caring, attentive, proficient and highly competent. I am happy to have recommended his office to my friends on numerous occasions over the years.”

Karel B.

“Dr. O. and his fantastic staff, over the last decade, have been taking care of me and my entire family. At 40 I wasn’t sure I needed braces and I feel so fortunate I made that decision! My daughters always expected to need his service and it was as painless and comfortable as could be imagined.”

Erin B.

“Dr. Osterman and his colleagues have been a pleasure to work with over the years. He and his staff are welcoming, efficient and accommodating with busy schedules. So far, the treatment plans for our children have provided excellent results and we look forward to enjoying happy, healthy smiles for years to come.”

Perry Ann

“Dr. O. and his staff are superb – professional, thorough, timely. For the ten years our kids have been in their capable hands, we’ve understood the options to straighter teeth. It’s been a real pleasure to work with this talented and friendly group.”

Matt H

“I just wanted to say how happy we are with Osterman Orthodontics. We truly feel so lucky to have such a knowledgeable, caring doctor looking after our children’s orthodontics. Dr. Osterman is always so friendly and explains his plans very well. We always feel very confident in the decisions he makes and the care he gives. The staff is also wonderful. It’s always very easy to make/change appointments. The assistants are very professional and get along so well with the patients. We just couldn’t ask for a better orthodontics team to be treating our family members. I have recommended Osterman Orthodontics to many friends because I feel they do an outstanding job. With a great big smile, I thank you Dr. O and team for all that you do! Keep up the great job!”


“I enjoy having Dr. Osterman as my orthodontist. He and the staff are very nice and professional. I have been going to his office for four years now and my teeth are so much better. I love how they have little things you can do like enter a contest or pick a toy from a treasure chest. Without them, my teeth wouldn’t look so great. I thank them so much for all their hard work.”

Natalie P.

“Dr. Osterman and his staff have been such a pleasure to work with over the past four years. My son is always so excited for his next visit to the office. Dr. Osterman and his staff are so welcoming, efficient and accommodating with our busy schedules. So far, we are thrilled with the results and have always had so much confidence in his professional advice and decisions he makes for our kids. We can’t wait to have our youngest start treatment soon. We look forward to enjoying our kid’s wonderful smiles for the years to come.”

Max (14 Years Old)

“I like going to Dr. Osterman because the appointments are quick, the people there are nice and care a lot about the patients, also they make sure that the things they do are perfect and they ask questions to make sure it’s comfortable and feels right. Going to Dr. Osterman is better than any other orthodontist I’ve been to.”